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AFN® Honored for 4th Consecutive Year By Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s “100 Great Supply Chain Projects”

AFN’s comprehensive logistics solution on behalf of its bottled beverage client decreased costs per case by 6%, improved on-time delivery by 8%, reduced the number of shipping days per week from 7 to 3, reduced labor costs, and effectively eliminated all chargebacks … Read More

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AFN’s National Account Manager Program

The Next Big Thing in Customer Service When eft (EyeforTranport) surveyed shippers on why they do not renew contracts with 3PLs, the top reason given was service. The runner up response was “inefficient management by the 3PL”. While hardly surprising, the … Read More

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Three MVPs of the Season

AFN Honors 2014 Employees of the Year At AFN, we’ve long been convinced that our people set us apart from the competition. Believing that happy employees lead to overall better business results, we’ve developed a rich tradition of celebrating hard … Read More

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RAD and MABD Compliance

A Consultative Approach Combines High Tech AND High Touch Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering, predicts that fifteen years from now, computerized robots will be able to do all the things that humans do. Only better. Much better. There are … Read More

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Report from RILA 2015

Takeaways from this year’s Supply Chain Conference Adam Wakefield, along with seven AFN team members, attended the most recent RILA Supply Chain Conference held in Orlando last month. While there, Adam spoke with dozens of current and future customers from … Read More

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AFN Honored for Environmental Leadership in Logistics

AFN®, an award-winning logistics and supply chain company, has once again received Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Green Award, based on AFN’s leadership in making sustainability a core part of its strategy. The award recognizes providers of supply chain solutions … Read More

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A Work in Progress

At AFN, Training is Not A Finite Event There are many ways in which we’re revamping our training programs at AFN but only one reason why: the logistics business evolves daily so how we train, coach and develop our people … Read More

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In a Race Against Time, AFN Beats the Clock

A JIT Black Friday Inventory Replenishment Solution In the retail world, the expression “a day late and a dollar short” takes on a whole new meaning during the peak of the holiday season.  If retailers can’t restock in-demand products quickly … Read More

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A Winning Supply Chain

Quarterly Review of AFN Accolades At AFN, we’re never content with the status quo and continuously raise the bar to improve our, and our clients’, bottom lines.  Although we never seek to reinvent the wheel, we’re always looking for ways … Read More

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Introducing New Transportation Management Software

AFN’s TMS is a Game Changer Fact: a child’s PlayStation today is more powerful than a military supercomputer from 1996. Similar game-changing (pun intended) technology advances in the transportation world have revolutionized how 3PLs interact with both shippers and carriers. … Read More

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