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AFN Honored for Environmental Leadership in Logistics

AFN®, an award-winning logistics and supply chain company, has once again received Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Green Award, based on AFN’s leadership in making sustainability a core part of its strategy. The award recognizes providers of supply chain solutions … Read More

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A Work in Progress

At AFN, Training is Not A Finite Event There are many ways in which we’re revamping our training programs at AFN but only one reason why: the logistics business evolves daily so how we train, coach and develop our people … Read More

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In a Race Against Time, AFN Beats the Clock

A JIT Black Friday Inventory Replenishment Solution In the retail world, the expression “a day late and a dollar short” takes on a whole new meaning during the peak of the holiday season.  If retailers can’t restock in-demand products quickly … Read More

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A Winning Supply Chain

Quarterly Review of AFN Accolades At AFN, we’re never content with the status quo and continuously raise the bar to improve our, and our clients’, bottom lines.  Although we never seek to reinvent the wheel, we’re always looking for ways … Read More

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Introducing New Transportation Management Software

AFN’s TMS is a Game Changer Fact: a child’s PlayStation today is more powerful than a military supercomputer from 1996. Similar game-changing (pun intended) technology advances in the transportation world have revolutionized how 3PLs interact with both shippers and carriers. … Read More

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AFN Recognized by Food Logistics as Top 3PL & Cold Storage Provider

AFN Receives Top Industry Recognition in Food & Beverage Supply Chain Chicago, August 27, 2014 – AFN®, an award-winning logistics and supply chain company, has been named as a Top 3PL & Cold Storage Provider for 2014 by Food Logistics, a … Read More

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11 Things to Know About TMS Vendor Selection

An Impartial Perspective on Non-Technical Considerations “Forty percent of respondents felt that if they were forced to give up their TMS and go back to more manual processes for planning and execution, their total freight costs would increase by 5-10 … Read More

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What Do Freight Shipping and Monte Carlo Have in Common?

Optimizing Freight Capacity for a Winning Solution The transportation industry and this glittering European country are about as far apart on the glamour spectrum as possible.  But – wait – there really is a connection between successful 3PLs and Monaco’s … Read More

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A Single Source Solution That Works

AFN Helps a Major Retailer Improve Visibility and Accountability… and Lower Costs When a national omni-channel retailer needed increased visibility into transportation, they turned to AFN to develop and run a single source transportation program. Servicing a unique “discount” channel … Read More

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SmartWay Grows Up

A Decade Later, New Ways to Benchmark Efficiency Ten years ago, in 2004, Facebook was unveiled, the TV show Friends aired its final episode and SmartWay, the EPA program that offers incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency, was launched. … Read More

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