AFN Helps a Manufacturing Client Cut Costs and Improve On-Time Deliveries


In today’s economy, more companies are relying on outsourced transportation to help solve challenges that are unique to their business.  Recently, one of our clients turned to us to help manage their shipments to a major national retail chain and develop a complete multi-modal solution.  Our customer, a worldwide leader in the manufacture and sales of zipper plastic bags, needed to establish and adhere to a cost-per-unit goal for shipments.  They were also challenged with the number of units in each shipment fluctuating by as much as 20x for a single store location from week to week.  By outsourcing all shipment routing to the major national retail chain to AFN, the client was able to exceed its cost per unit goal and achieve 98.4% On-Time delivery.  Click here to receive a detailed case study of AFN’s transportation management solution.