Over-Using Non-Competes Harms Logistics Employees and Employers

They Discourage Young Talent From Entering the Industry

Companies in competitive industries like logistics and transportation must strike a balance between protecting sensitive information and promoting integrity, a trusting culture, and opportunity for young employees. While seemingly minor on its face, overusing non-compete clauses in employment agreements could upset that delicate balance, leading to potential state investigations and negative company image. It also could discourage young talent from entering the industry, which ultimately hurts us all.

To learn more about the short and long term risks, read my latest article published in Global Trade Magazine: Over-Using Non-Competes Harms Logistics Employees and Employers.

Dan Broderick is general counsel at AFN Logistics, a dynamic third-party logistics provider. Dan has over 12 years of experience in legal, planning, and operational roles in the transportation, telecommunications, government contract, and energy industries.