CARRIERS: With You for the Long Haul

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AFN was founded with a simple idea in mind: the carriers that move our freight deserve the same respect as our shippers. Period.

“I was referred to AFN from another carrier. My AFN Carrier Sales Representative gave his word to fight for me, and he has delivered. Not only do we work together, we are friends now as well. I have lost count of how many carriers I have referred to AFN.”

James BrownTonaHawk Trucking

We believe that the long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships we have formed with carriers
are a cornerstone of our ongoing success.

“With AFN you are placing your business in the right hands. AFN’s talented team members offer valuable insight and solutions to the demands of the freight industry.”

Esther MezaArdwin Freight

Working with AFN means working with professionals…something we can certainly appreciate in today’s workplace. Communication on rates and dispatch information is quick and our agent does a great job keeping any issues to a minimum.

Lynn CarpenterKallie Transportation Service, Inc.

“Working with AFN is a true strategic relationship. We consider the AFN team an integral part of our operational success, and we look forward to growing with them in the future.”

Tony TranNationwide Trans Inc.

To keep your trucks loaded and moving, we connect you with our client base of major manufacturers and top retailers, and support you with the people, processes, and technology to make it easy.

“Ours has been a collaborative relationship from the start. It’s an overused cliche, I know, but we work together with AFN in so many areas including safety, security, claims, government regulations, and freight. They look to align us with freight opportunities that fit our network. It’s an ongoing relationship, rather than simply a transaction.”

PresidentNational Transportation Company